Ceo’s greetings

Dear fellow customers,

With priority to our clients’ good health in our mind, we, WACO Corporation as the world leader and specialist in Water Purifiers, Dispensers, Air Purifiers as well other well-being products have enjoyed a great reputation of the various selections, highest quality, and advanced technology as well our commitment since established.

Our superior products with wide selections exported to the world with a waco brand, which is the symbol of the Korea‘s big, giant enterprise make us to build our network of excusive master dealers and to satisfy our customers with our swift service for their needs.

With the good design of our products and their durability at a reasonable price, We are dedicated to giving you a better life and benefits.

Our motto-Accuracy, Technical Innovation, Superiority in quality and Perfect Service-represents that we’ll do our best to give pure, fresh, clean water and air and also to keep our customers healthy with our well-being products.

We appreciate your continuing support and interest and in return we do our best for you.
Thank you.

Prisident & CEO Y. S. Shin