MODEL NO. Infinite-40 (FDA Listed)

optional inline filter system

  • 200427_1_INFINITE40_FRONT
  • 200427_2_INFINITE40_FRONT
  • 200427_3_INFINITE40_FRONT
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Various Color option!

  • Heating System

Band heater

  • Filter System

UF Type / RO Type

  • Water tank capacity

Cold Water tank : 3Liters / Hot Water tank : 2Liters

  • Consumption


  • Dimension


  • The manufacturer and Origin

WACO Corp. / Korea

  • Color option

White-Black / Gray-White / White-Gray / White-Black all / Silver-Black / Silver-White / Silver-Gray / Silver-Black all

Product Information
  • Highlight your space with its refined Design
  • Optional filter systems considering the environment of users.
  • Application of the patented Ion sterilizer to the system and prevention of the secondary pollution.
  • Application of the patented Leak detector to the system and prevention of the secondary incident.
  • 200427_1_INFINITE40_SIDE
  • 200427_2_INFINITE40_SIDE
  • 200427_3_INFINITE40_SIDE
  • 200427_4_INFINITE40_SIDE
  • 200427_5_INFINITE40_SIDE
  • 200427_6_INFINITE40_SIDE
  • 200427_7_INFINITE40_SIDE
  • 200427_8_INFINITE40_SIDE
High quality design for Beautiful Interior
  • Possible to beautiful space production with various color design.
Prevent skin burn function and convenience
  • Applied double safe cork for safe skin burn from flushing out hot water by children’s mistake and easy to select and use cold/hot water.
  • DL02_200611
  • DL01_200611
Highlight your space with its soft LED light
  • Possible to beautiful space production with soft LED light and various color design.
Excellent Purification effective
  • Supply fresh and pure water through prefect 4 stages purification system, and Possible to apply various filter system for suitable using environment.
TypeHot & Cold water dispenser
Cooling Systemby compressor(1/10HP)
Material of TankStainless steel
Heating SystemBand heater
Material of TankStainless steel
Temperature controlby 2 sensors(bimetal)
Material of bodyABS and EGI Steel
CompressorDAEWOO or LG (optional)