AIR PURIFIER EOS-501E WACO Corporation - Air Purification System

Air Cleaner of WACO Corporation which was acknowledged from the World. WACO Corporation Air Purifier
  • Product : Air Cleaner(EOS-501E)
  • Purification Performance : Air Cleaner with Highest Ratings of CADR in the World.

 Main Features

Certification of the Highest Delivery Rate of Clean Air in the World
Air Cleaner of WACO Corporation was certified by product with the Highest Air Purification Performance in the World from AHAM (Tabacco smoke>450, Dust>400, Pollen>450)
Realization of Excellent Collection Efficiency
Air Cleaner of WACO Corporation has a Superiority of Collection Efficiency and Maintenance cost is inexpensive due to lengthiness of Exchange period by using of Filter with Maximum Capacity and Supply of Filter is smooth.
Using of Environmental-Friendly Materials and Parts
Air Cleaner of WACO Corp was developed through using of Materials and Parts which were corresponded more than 100% at the Guide of using limit of Harmful Materials(RoHS) which at the Guide of using limit of Harmful Materials(RoHS) which are being carried out in EU.
Diffusion Function of Aromatheraphy , Vitamin
Consumers can enjoy effect of Aromatheraphy according to their taste from Perfume which is located at the upper cover and can feel refreshingness in case of adding of Vitamin.
Design of High Wind and Low Noise-control
The insert fan of High wind was inserted to clean the air of Large space and epoch-making decrease of Noise , Hyper-power saving were realized by using of inverter motor with High efficiency and Low noise.
Convenience of Moving
Anyone can easily move Room to Room, Room to Floor through Caster at the bottom of Air Cleaner.
Acquirement of Certification Mark from Energystar
WACO Corp Air Cleaner was approved as a Best product with good Energy Efficiency Rating from Energystar.

Design Concept

  • Maximization of Inhale, Exhaust's Number for rise of "Purification Performance"(Inhale through 5 sides, Exhaust through 3 sides)
  • Emphasis of Soft Image through Front Curved Line
  • Design of Matual Matching, Intense Color of "White and Black"

What is CADR?

  • This is shown by “Delivery Rate of Clean Air”of Air Cleaner.
  • The Air Cleaner with the Highest Ratings of CADR in the World is "the very Air Cleaner of WACO Corp" as a public certification

Specification & Function