MODEL NO. Juliet -Ⅰ (FDA Listed)

optional inline filter system

Product Features

Point. 1 : Excellent Purification effective.
Supply fresh and pure water through prefect 4 stages purification system, and Possible to apply various filter system for suitable using environment.
Point. 2 : High quality design for beautiful interior.
Possible to beautiful space production with various color design.
Point. 3 : Prevent skin burn function or convenience.
Applied double safe cork for safe skin burn from flushing out hot water by children’s mistake and easy to select and use cold/hot water.
Point. 4 : Various option for considering safe.
Applied non-power leakage protection system which our patent technology for safe from risk of leakage and possible to supplied clean and safe drinkable water with applied safe ion disinfection systems from internal pollution in tank or etc.


Cooling System by compressor(1/10HP)
Material of Tank Stainless steel
Tank capacity 5.0Liters
Consumption 80W
Temperature 4-7℃
Heating System Sheath heater
Material of Tank Stainless steel
Tank capacity 4 Liters
Consumption 600W
Temperature 80-90℃
Temperature control by 2 sensors(bimetal)
Water Reservoir tank capacity 20 Liters
Material of body ABS and EGI Steel
Dimension 370(W)×410(D)×1300(H)