W2-160MP (FDA Listed) Mineral Pot Water Cooler

Unique design MP Mineral Pot series
Product Infomation
  • Highlight your space with its refined Design
  • High quality, high output refrigeration and heating system.
  • Removable water tray.
  • Available various color option.
  • Hot tank with On/Off switch.
  • Stainless steel tank.
High quality design for Beautiful Interior Possible to beautiful space production with various color design.
Prevent skin burn function and convenience Applied double safe cork for safe skin burn from flushing out hot water by children’s mistake and easy to select and use cold/hot water.

Specification(Model No. W2-160MP)
DescriptionHot & Cold water dispenser
Material of bodyABS and EGI Steel
Water Reservoir tank capacity3.0 Liters(Cold Water 1.5 Liters)
Hot Water tank capacity2.0 Liters
Material of tanksStainless steel
CompressorDAWOO or LG (optional)
Temperature of Cold water4~7℃
Temperature of Hot water80~90℃
Temperature controlBy two sensors(bimetal)
The manufacturer and OriginWACO Corp. / Korea
Specification - Mineral Pot
Life Recomended of Catridges3000 liters
Total Weight3.5kgs
Upper Water Container Capacity3 liters
Lower Water Container Capacity13.5 liters
Total Capacity16.5 liters
Mult - Stage Water Purification
Stage 1Ceramic Filter(“Sieving” Pre-Filter / Anti-Bacterial)
Stage 2Ion-Exchange Resin Filter(Water Softener)
Stage 3Purifying Activated Carbon Filter(Intensive ‘Absorptive’ Filtration / Deodorization / Rapid Dichloride )
Stage 4Mineral Sand Filter(Increase Mineral Content)