MODEL NO. Anti-scale Filter

(No salt / No chemical / Non-backwashing / Zero-discharge)


High performance scale prevention filter with softener-alternative media

*  Anti-scale water filter is the embodiment of a new technology of media. * The surfaces of small specially treated media transform dissolved CaCO3 to a crystalline form. * The crystals are relatively insoluble, effectively isolating the CaCO3 from both the water chemistry and anything the water contacts.

Features & Benefits

  • Media convert hardness minerals into harmless, inactive microscopic crystals.
  • Extremely efficient: 5-second contact time regardless of hardness level. Conventional ion-exchange resin requires 90 seconds.
  • Highly Effective: up to 99.6% effective in preventing scale.
  • No salt or other chemical re-generants required.
  • No backwash waste. Anti-scale water filter be used in areas where water softeners are banned. Protects the environment and reduces water usage.
  • Long lasting media: media are not consumed by the reactions.
  • No control valve or electricity required.
  • Media can be used in both conventional mineral tanks or POU cartridge.
  • Media operates in upflow condition.
  • Reduces maintenance frequency and cost, extends equipment life.
  • Protects boilers, steam generators, and other water heating devices.

It can be applied to various types of filter products.



Media properties

Composition Specially treated polymer
Particle size 0.4 ~ 1.6 mm
Color White, Off-white

Operating conditions

Service flow > 4 LPM (> 1.1 GPM)
Max. operating pressure 8 bar (114 psi)
Service life 1 year in most applications
Can be used in continuous or intermittent operation
Operates in upflow mode. No backwash required

Water conditions and limitations

pH 6.5 ~ 8.5
Hardness 1300 ppm as CaCO3 / Max. 75 grains
Temperature 2 ~ 38℃ / 35 ~ 100℉
Chlorine < 3 ppm
Iron (ferrous) < 0.3 ppm
Manganese < 0.05 ppm
Copper < 1.3 ppm
Oil, polyphosphates, H2S, microorganism: Remove prior to the water filter


Media of Anti-scale water filter has proven itself in a variety of applications as an alternative to ion-exchange softening. The maintenance-free characteristics make it especially suited for Point-of-entry, Point-of-use, Food service and Commercial applications where equipment maintenance is often overlooked.
  • Softening
  •  Water Heater
  •  Laundry
  • Dishwasher
  • Bath and shower
Food service
  • Coffee & tea brewers
  • Espresso machines
  • Boiler based steamers
  • Proofer ovens
  • Steam tables
  • Mist cooling systems
  • Car washes
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Boilers