Drinking Water System with UF/UV Sterilizer

Model no. HW-LP-UV9

hand pouring a glass of water from filter tap

  • The WACO Corp's (UF+UV) water filtration system has been designed for residential and commercial applications.

Pure & Clean Water!

UV light wipes out bacteria by destroying its DNA core, eliminating E. Coli, Salmonella and Hepatitis to name a few.

Product Information The Ultra-Violet water purifier is one of most advanced innovations.
  • LED logo light and UV filter are automatically controlled.
  • LED lights up only when running water flow.
  • UV filter is activated only when water passing through.
  • Quick and twist filters applied.
  • Supplies clean and safe drinking water by the qualified Filters and UV system.
  • Higher Filtering Capacity.
  • Comes with SUS faucet (3/8"-10mm).
  • Customers Optional filter system avaialble.
  • Tempered Glass front panel applied for durability.
  • Easy installation and Maintenace.
  • Specification
Inlet Pressure14 psi (0.96 bar)58 psi ( 4 bar )
Inlet Temperature40℉(4.44℃)86℉(30℃)
Inlet TDS50 mg/L300 mg/L