Mineral Water Vending Machine

WACO Corp Vending Machine


1) Selling drinking water at any time by payment system.
2) Available to adopt various payment system optionally. (COIN. BILL, IC CARD, ETC)
3) Producing safe drinking water by advanced R/O system.
4) All process is doing automatically by PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) control.
5) Keep clean and hygienic by Dual UV sterilization system.
6) Producing drinking water and selling in real time without the storage.
7) Compact design and Easy Installation- Easy to move and install
Possible to run the system immediately after connecting INLET and DRAIN pipes.
8) Applied the submersible pump for low noise considering indoor installation.


Model Use bottle RO Membrane Dimension(L×W×H) Power
Water Vending Machine OPTION #4040×2 700×550×1,740(mm) 220V / 60Hz 1.5Kw