Ultra Pure Water Treatment System

(Double stage R/O system with CEDI system)

The qualified parts application for drinking water

Characteristic of Ultra water treatment system unit.

Ultra pure water treatment systems combine the proven technologies of pre-purification, Reverse Osmosis (RO), softening and continuous electro- deionization (CEDI) to produce high quality Ultra pure water for phamaceutical and semiconductor industry etc. Our Ultra pure water treatment systems feature a CEDI module that consists of ion exchange resins used in single beds for enhanced water purification.

Microbiological analysis of product water shows a high decrease in proliferation of bacteria due to the high pH swing between the two cells and direct contact of resin and electrodes. Furthermore, an intermediate pH shift has a positive effect on the separatonn of SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). The CEDI system is used after RO for polishing of treated water to obtain low levels of conductivity and silica.

This system comes with features, for example easy master control, use of reliable components and piping connections including high pressure pump, membranes and CEDI system.

- Model : HWU-405RE
- Major treatment process : Pretreatment, Reverse osmosis and CEDI system

Filter system

1. Carbon filter : The activated carbon filter is designed for the dual function of chlorine removal and suspended solids reduction.
2. Softening system : Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water by ion exchange resin. Ion exchange resin for the softener provided consisting of properly graded and chemically stable uniform particle size bead strong-acid cation resins.
3. Micro filter : Micro filter removes suspended solid (matter) less than 5micron in the raw water secondarily. 5 micron cartridge filters are provided with each be sized for 100% flow. And Filters is made entirely of polypropylene.
4. RO membrane : The reverse osmosis elements shall be 4040 size of polyamid TFC membranes. RO membrane system can remove as much as 98-99% or more of all dissolved contaminants and can remove essentially all suspended (particulate) contaminants.
5. CEDI system : CEDI system is a chemical-free process that uses ion exchange resins and electricity to produce ultra-pure de-ionized water. CEDI utilizes no chemical regeneration and creates no hazardous wastes. The ion exchange resins are used primarily as a bridge to allow electric current to pass through the electro deionization cell - this allows the modules to operate without any brine injection or concentrate recycle.
6. UV Sterilization : An ultraviolet sterilizer is provided to minimize bacteria for produced ultra pure water. Sterilizer shall allow easy replacement of ultraviolet lamps.

The System Features

1. High effective Pre-filtering systems with water softener system before R/O system.
2. Double stage R/O system to produce optimal feed water for CEDI system.
3. CEDI system is continous operation, as the ion exchange resin is regenerated continuously by electricity instead of regeneration chemicals. This approach eliminates the downtime, while reducing chemical usage and the need for waste treatment. No acid or caustic regenerate chemicals are required.
4. UV sterilizer prevents secondary pollution of bacteria.
5. Compact system: Easy to movement of the system with skid open type case.
6. Possible to produce ultra pure water immediately after connecting IN/OUTLET DRAIN pipes.
7. Automatic operation management system by MICOM Controller and Easy Programming by the display of the system operation.