Portable Bottled Water Factory

Industrial USE RO System

This equipment can perform entire of mineral water bottling process in one unit.
The Portable Mineral water factory is designed for filling mineral water in 3 gallon or 5 gallon bottle automatically.

This all one system is suitable for producing Bottled water in small scale factory or one-man factory. Available to add Reverse Osmosis water purification system optionally to supply clean and safe drinking water if raw water condition is bad.


Full Automatic Operation

It needs only one staff for producing Bottled water. Possible to set up the production line easy and sample.

Easy Start-up

It can produce bottled water immediately after the connecting inlet and drain pipe line with equipment.

Compact Design

It requires minimum space for installation by compact design. Suitable to install in limited place such as small factory and building etc. It is able to minimize initial investment for factory setup.

Saving logistical cost

It is easy to setup the small scale mineral water factory locally that can be reducing delivery cost for price competitiveness

Various Application

It is suitable to use in various place where have a large demand of bottled water such as military, large scale hotel, resort, company etc

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Working Process


One stop system

This equipment perform full process of bottling in one unit without the extra equipment.
The Consecutive working process and automatic Bottle ejection system improve productivity.

Easy and Precise operation

This equipment is operated automatically by PLC with Touch button display for easy operation and checking the status of system and water quality in real time.

Clean Room

Applied the HEPA filter air purification system for maintaining Clean and hygienic production space.


Applied the UV filter and UV lamp for sterilization of mineral water and bottle cap to prevent secondary pollutant.

Available to choose Ozone water system(option) for sterilization of bottle.

R/O water purification system(option)

Available to add R/O water purification system optionally to supply clean and safe water where the raw water condition is bad.