Portable R/O water purification equipment by Dual driving

(Electric power & Non-powered)

Model No. HPRO-301

HPRO-301 is operated by dual driving as electric & Non-powered. You can select both driving systems depending on situation. If you could use the electric power supply under any emergency, you can drive equipment by electric power.

Otherwise you may drive systems also by handle as Non-powered like a HPRO-201 And it’s developed as a suitcase type (carrier) for portability and convenience. This equipment can produce safe drinking water as much as to be used 50-60 people per a day by only one this equipment.

Electric Driven * Dual driving systems
- Available to select driving types depending on situation.

A. Electric
- Operation by a pressurized pump with AC adaptor which is available to operate this system in any area possible of AC 100-220V power.

B. Non powered (Mechanical)
- Simply spin the manual handle without power connection and raise pressure generation and then operate this equipment, Simple mechanical structure leads to no failure.
- Made by PP hard case thus Solid, and Easy to carry by compact design.

Non-Powered Driven

Water Source Purification Capacity(Liter/hour) Reverse Osmosis Membrane Working Pressure(kg/㎠) Size(mm)/ Weight
River or Lake water

Electric : 27LITER/hour

Non-powered: 24LITER/hour

150GPD x 2 2~3kg/㎠ 560×350×230/15kg