Portable non-powered R/O water purification equipment(Patent product)

Model No. HPRO-201

Available to Remove all contaminants of radioactive & NBC.
(nuclear, biological and chemical)

Non - Power Approach

* You can turn the handle without power and raise pressure generation and then operate it.
* Easy to carry by compact design.
* Available to check the real time TDS value of raw water and treated water.
* By compact design and light weight(8.3kgs), Maximize mobility and portability.
* Can be purification is river, lake or underground water.
* Can be used without electricity supply.(Non-power approach)

* OPTION : For easy handling, customer optional on carrier type or backpack type.
Water Source(Raw water) Purification Capacity Reverse Osmosis Membrane Working Pressure(kg/㎠) Size(mm)/ Weight
River or Lake water 30Liter/Hour 150GPD x 2 2~3kg/㎠ 430x380x160/8.3kgs